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Odour Eliminator & Deep Cleaner



BioNator is a highly effective odour eliminator and deep cleaner, which quickly and easily cleans all types of surfaces and eliminates organic odours at the source.

 BioNator combinesodour control technology which rapidly binds and holds the bad odours with biological activity which then destroys the bound bad odour molecules thus completely eliminating the odour.

 BioNator also contains sophisticated, non-resoiling cleaning capabilities designed specifically for fabric carpet and upholstery stain and odour removal.


Product Features

  • Contains biological activity and surfactants that remove dirt and organic matter.  

  • Eliminates malodors such as urine, sweat, rancid foods, and other organic odours. 

  • Ideal for stain and odour removal from laundry, carpets, and upholstery Will seep through carpet padding and upholstery to get deep into the fibers where urine and other organic odour molecules hide. 

  • Highly effective in garbage collection areas will even eliminate fruit flies which cannot nest due to the nature of the probiotics formula.


·            Contains no VOC’s* 


Relative odour control vs a competitor odour control product and control

odor reduction chart BioNator


A small amount of the red fox urine is placed in disposable plastic containers.  BioNator™ and other test products are added via mini spray bottles, and the odor assessed by an odor panel using a scoring system from one to six representing a very weak odor to a very strong offensive odor.  Results for BioNator™ (red bars) shows rapid and prolonged reduction of the odour, compared to the control odour which fades only slightly over 48 hours (blue bars).  A major biological competitor product (green bars) has much less effect on the odour compared to BioNator™.















  • General Purpose Cleaning

  • Bathrooms & Shower Rooms

  • Carpet & Upholstery

  • Garbage Collection Areas

  • Sports Equipment

  • Glass & Mirrors

  • Restaurants and Hospitality

  • Barns & Stables

  • Dirty & Smelly Clothing


Physical Properties

Appearance: Turbid Liquid, does not contain dyes or colourants.

Odour: Pleasant. Avilable with or without added scent.

pH: 7.5 8.5

Bacterial Type: Blend of Bacillus Spores- Class 1- Harmless, Not GMO. Listed on the Health Canada Domestic Substances List.

Storage Stability: 2 years at 2°C - 35°C (35°F - 95°F)


*VOC’s (VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS): In addition to contributing to ozone and smog formation, VOC’s can have direct adverse effects on human health. Many VOC’s have been classified as toxic and carcinogenic and it is therefore unsafe to be exposed to these compounds in large quantities or over extended periods of time.

To download an information sheet about BioNator click here.


To download the BioNator Safety Data Sheet click here.


BioNator Label

BioNator label

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